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Bending Reality: Body

In this course, you will create an entirely new relationship to your body, food, and weight so you can reach and maintain your dream weight easily and effortlessly; you won't be able to stop checking yourself out in the mirror. 

This is not a diet or exercise plan. 

This course is for you if any of the following are true: 

  • You want to feel so good in your own skin that when you look in the mirror, you think “Wow! I LOVE my body!” and in the process release any extra emotional or physical weight
  • You want to have it all - the love, the success, the health, the abundance, the friendships, and the lifestyle
  • You find yourself obsessing over your body image and the number on the scale
  • You currently use food to ease stress, boredom or emotions, and at times swing from restrictive eating to binge eating
  • You have tried diet and exercise plans (or extreme measures) but cannot release stubborn weight, or yo-yo putting it back on
  • You are skeptical due to past attempts and worry about the time and effort required and don't want to make a huge lifestyle change
  • Your body has experienced any physical, emotional, psychological, sexual bullying, wounding or abuse

What to Expect:

In this six week Body Course, Victoria will lead you deep into your subconscious to rewire your relationship to food and shed excess weight from a place of self-love & healing. You will find yourself thinking and feeling kinder thoughts toward yourself permanently, and become the healthiest, hottest version of you from the inside out, without obsessing about food or exercise. 

This deep healing work will lead to results beyond your physical body, it will impact your capacity to receive love, joy, and abundance in your life. It will uplevel your confidence and courage to show up powerfully in your career and personal life. And deepen the feelings of connection and intimacy in your relationships.

Masterclass includes:

  • 6, 90 minute Teachings for Reaching Your Dream Weight & Maintaining it Effortlessly
  • Healing techniques for releasing extra emotional or physical weight
  • Daily embodiment exercises and tools to rewire your relationship to food, weight & body
  • An healing guide by Victoria for getting to your right-sized weight (how clients release weight while they sleep)
  • A shared channel to post questions, share wins and connect with other participants

Victoria is excited to support you in releasing excess weight from an expansive place of self-love, ease, and joy vs. judgment, struggle, and discipline. 

This purchase grants you standard access for 30 days. If you are interested in longer work, check out our year-long access offer.